Scott Jones is truly an artist, singular in his musicality, versatility and presence.

Relocated from NYC / LA to the Raleigh area as of 2012, Scott is an accomplished and in-demand drummer who is seasoned and skilled in a variety of styles, feels and approaches to drums and music.

Scott's relentless ambition to perfect his craft has led him on a path of near-constant gigging and recording with several bands at a time, paired with ongoing studies with world-class drummers including Chris Coleman, Chad Wackerman, Dave Weckl, Ian Froman, Robert Perkins, Dave Elitch, Ron Thaler, Mike Clark, Sean Reinert, Bobby Rondinelli, Billy Martin and Paul Wertico.

Scott is actively working with groups in a variety of genres including jazz, funk, fusion, blues, hip hop, country, progressive rock / metal and world music. A dynamic player who can passionately drive a band and a crowd, Scott is as comfy playing the deepest neck-nodding funk as he is backing up a whisper quiet voice.

In addition to drums, Scott is also a multi-instrumentalist actively playing guitar, bass, keys and vocals. He is always looking for opportunities with groups that trade off on instrument duties.

Check out Scott's range by playing recent samples of his work on the Media page, or synch up with his Calendar and catch a live performance!